man3Here you can see some of the responses on our services and approaches from partners and colleagues:

  • Mr.Sokol demonstrated high responsibility and commitment during performing the assignment. Deliverables were submitted in timely manner and order. The consultant showed high professionalism in achieving quality results of the assignment. (Jamshed Kurbonov, Early Learning Office, UNICEF Tajikistan)
  • It was an excellent project. A very positive moment is my wish to apply the proposed system and the willingness to do it. I particularly enjoyed that the approach was presented via real problems, the team was given regular feedback on the process and the fact that the participants were always actively involved in the learning process during the sessions. (Aleksejs Bogdanecs, training and quality manager, Novikontas Maritime College)
  • It was a great workshop, it opened my eyes for my kids in the way I have to look at them. It will help me in opening the kids' mind and let them start thinking and looking for a challenge. (Participant of a workshop for parents at Abu Dhabi, UAE
  • I feel that TA Group provided us with a good model for developing thinking skills. It's a good workshop and every teacher can benefit from it. (Participant at the workshop for teachers, Khorog, Tajikistan
  • It was like having a bath in knowledge, a nurturing and profound homecoming, a vital joy, energizing and liberating… an experience reserved for moments of true enlightenment and connection… a strange and questioning, confusing, surprising realization – no that’s not the word – a feeling of connection by way of ideas… expressed in words, but experienced in the heart… and how come I hardly know these people but I feel at home with them for the things they say, the goals they pursue, the force of their knowledge, the power of their experience… their love of teaching, their confidence and competence in what they do? Serendipity. A wonderful experience of meeting kindred minds, reconnecting to an old friend, and making a lot of new ones…Thank you. (Mathijs van Zupthen, school head, the Netherlands)

  • I am deeply impressed by the team trainers primarily because it is a complex team with members that complement each other, with interactive teaching methods, attractive, because they interacted in a kindly and friendly with students, observing them and helping whenever it was needed. (Critisina Radu, pre-primary teacher, Romania
  • I like the idea of the Thinking Approach because it seems to involve the creativity and individuality of both teachers and students in the process of teaching and learning and it also seems to encourage a reflective and collaborative approach to the whole classroom experience. (Sue Mace, former Education and ELT Projects Manager, British Council, Latvia
  • The TA shows how the thinking component can be added to language teaching. Lifelong learning depends on independent inventive thinking. This is what learners need to be taught in schools and in universities.We have to help learners formulate questions and to give them tools to look for answers and stop providing answers to questions we have formulated ourselves! (Prof. Kari Smith, University of Bergen, Norway)
  • I am sure that a careful focus on thinking skills is exactly what students need in our time of rapid changes. (Asoc.Prof. Viktors Freibergs, University of Latvia)
  • For us who teach foreign languages at the universities language learning should not be the sole aim. The aim should be more general ‒ to teach thinking, which I think is very meaningful, especially because we know that thinking skills are what most students of the humanities will actually need after leaving university, whereas all the specific things we teach them are often not so relevant in life after the university. (Stefan Anbro, lecturer, Vilnius University)


You can also see more detailed feedback on our workshops and video feedbak on our courses.






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